Story of a Dead Princess

When: Year round, daily except national holidays
Languages: Story of a Dead Princess Czech, Story of a Dead Princess Dutch, Story of a Dead Princess English, Story of a Dead Princess French, Story of a Dead Princess German, Story of a Dead Princess Greek, Story of a Dead Princess Italian, Story of a Dead Princess Polish, Story of a Dead Princess Russian, Story of a Dead Princess Serbian, Story of a Dead Princess Slovak, Story of a Dead Princess Spanish, Story of a Dead Princess Finnish, Story of a Dead Princess Swedish, Story of a Dead Princess Turkish,
Duration: 8-10 hours from point of departure
Meeting Point: Liberty Square in Heraklion; or upon request, pick up and drop off at your hotel in Heraklion; or if located in Rethymnon, at 4 Martyrs Square
Dress Code: Casual, hat, and a good pair of walking shoes
Including: Services of an officially qualified Greek tourist guide and the excavator of Eleftherna, lunch, entry fees and presentations, and bottled water
Food: Yes
Walking difficulty: Easy, but a few kms of walking
Rest rooms/WC: Yes

This multi-faceted program combines a walking tour of the ancient Roman city of Eleftherna with visits to a cheese-making factory, a potters’ village, and an olive oil press. In addition we will learn how to make yummy dishes of Cretan cuisine.

Our day begins in the village of Skouloufia, where cheese-making is in progress. We will then proceed to Eleftherna to hone our culinary skills at a local taverna preparing gemista (stuffed vegetables), dakos (often called Greek bruschetta), and tzatziki. While this food is in the oven, we will be treated to a private guided tour of ancient Eleftherna by one of the excavators, chief assistant of Nicholas Stampolidis (Professor of History and Archaeology at the University of Crete). Returning to the tavern, we will enjoy the food prepared earlier. Later in the afternoon we arrive at the village of Margarites, where master potter George Dalamvelas will display is skills. Our last stop is the village of Melidoni, where we will see olive presses old and new, learn about making olive oil from experts, and taste the local product on soft bread.


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