A Walking Tour of Old Chania

When: Every Monday and Saturday morning and Tuesday and Friday evening
Languages: A Walking Tour of Old Chania Czech, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Dutch, A Walking Tour of Old Chania English, A Walking Tour of Old Chania French, A Walking Tour of Old Chania German, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Greek, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Italian, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Polish, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Russian, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Serbian, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Slovak, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Spanish, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Finnish, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Swedish, A Walking Tour of Old Chania Turkish,
Duration: Approximate 3 hours
Meeting Point: Chania Agora (Market Hall)
Dress Code: Casual, hat, and good walking shoes
Including: Services of an officially qualified Greek tourist guide, coffee or tea, Cretan cuisine sampling, and bottled water
Food: Cretan cuisine sampling
Walking difficulty: Easy (cobbled streets), recommended for everyone.
Rest rooms/WC: Yes

We welcome you to the only walking tour of old town Chania conducted by officially licensed Greek tourist guides. This is a fun tour exploring the old town past and present. Starting at the famous Agora (the cross-shaped market), we will walk the maze of back streets through the former Ottoman quarter (Splanzia), recognizable for its domed-shaped Mosque and the spiraling minarets that still adorn Christian churches in the area. Next in sequence will be the Minoan excavation at Kastelli in the central part of the old town, followed by harbor area (the Akti) with its eye-catching Venetian architecture. Here we will enjoy a coffee and food-tasting break sampling important ingredients of Cretan cuisine at one of the many cafe-tavernas along the waterfront. Relaxed and refreshed we will continue to the northwest and the old Jewish quarter (the Ovraiki) that features the only existing synagogue of the entire island. Concluding this program in the western sector of the old town we will be in the midst of a beautiful strand of Venetian palazzi. You will fall in love with and never forget old Chania.


Reservations Info: info@touristguideofcrete.gr

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