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We are proud to announce the creation of the *Tourist Guides of Crete Travel Agency*, a travel company that offers a complete package of hotel, transportation and guide services both for the tourist and the business traveler. This company is the idea of a dedicated group of senior Cretan guides who were convinced that something was missing in the existing presentation of Cretan tourism, something that would make the ‘Cretan experience’ truly unforgettable. We are delighted that other colleagues of similar training and persuasion continue to join the ranks. We ‘tourist guides’ (as we are officially identified by the European Union) have walked every inch of our island; we are multi-lingual; we have accompanied tens of thousands of visitors and have profited from their feedback and suggestions; we are the graduates of prestigious guide schools and are very familiar with all major sites and museums throughout the island; we are equally acquainted with more remote landscapes and know how to get from place to place effectively and efficiently; we maintain close relations with historians, archaeologists and artisans in order to reinforce and update our learning; we know the people of Crete, the kitchens where cuisine is exceptional, and lodgings that are clean and comfortable; and we continue to dedicate ourselves to preserve the exquisite environment of our island and protect its flora and fauna. Most importantly, we, together with our fellow tourist guides, are the only group ‘officially licensed by the Greek government’ to do what we do. In sum, we are lovers of Crete and are passionate about its well-being.

We are also convinced that the island needs a travel company with our credentials. Our motto is ‘Top Quality Services’. Our aim is to operate a company based on honesty, professional competency, reliability, and customer trust. Our collective talents allow us to arrange and accommodate any kind of tour for any number of people on any given theme. Our island has so much to offer: major historical and archaeological sites and museums; monasteries and churches and the repositories of sacred relics such as icons and frescoes; world-famous hiking and mountain climbing (the E4 runs through Crete); 20+ major caves and 250+ gorges; a botanical wonderland (Crete has over 180 endemic plants); the workshops of crafts-people and artisans (e.g., potters, painters, woodworkers, weavers, and musical instrument makers); the elixirs of local cuisines; wineries; eco- and agro-tourism; and beach hideaways. The opportunities to relax and learn are endless. Now that Crete has become a very popular destination for vacationers from all parts of the world, we vow to dedicate ourselves to make the experience even more memorable by treating our visitors to a special blend of quality service and hospitality. As the poet Homer said, “A guest never forgets the host who has treated him kindly.” And what we promise to provide will make our guests want to come back.

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