How to become a greek cook

When: Year round, including national celebrations and Greek official holidays.
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Duration: 8 hours
Meeting Point: Heraklion: Liberty Square; or, upon request, pick up and drop off at your hotel.
Dress Code: Casual; comfortable walking shoes
Including: Transportation to and from Heraklion; full services of an officially qualified tourist guide; entrance fees; a full meal; bottled water
Food: Yes
Walking difficulty: Easy
Rest rooms/WC: Yes

We begin our tour with a visit at the Alexakis family winery, where a tour will be given, accompanied by a wine tasting. Afterwards we continue to the village of Kalessa where we will look at the olive press facilities, with a possibility of a short walk in an olive grove. We will learn all about the extra virgin olive oil! Arolithos is 11 km from Heraklion. Technically it is a year-round active hotel, but a hotel built in the form of a Cretan village, complete with narrow alleys and a variety of craft shops. It also boasts an excellent kitchen. This tour combines cooking and crafts as well as a delicious lunch. You make bread with the local women using local recipes and make your own komboloi (often called ‘worry beads’). Even more you will learn how to ‘play with your beads’ while you worry. The luncheon recipes will also be yours to keep.


Price Per Adult: from 150 €
Price Per Child: from 75 €

Reservations Info:

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