The Samaria Gorge

When: From 1 May to late October depending on weather conditions
Languages: The Samaria Gorge Czech, The Samaria Gorge Dutch, The Samaria Gorge English, The Samaria Gorge French, The Samaria Gorge German, The Samaria Gorge Greek, The Samaria Gorge Italian, The Samaria Gorge Polish, The Samaria Gorge Russian, The Samaria Gorge Serbian, The Samaria Gorge Slovak, The Samaria Gorge Spanish, The Samaria Gorge Finnish, The Samaria Gorge Swedish, The Samaria Gorge Turkish,
Duration: Twelve or more hours depending on your whereabouts on Crete
Meeting Point: Heraklion: Liberty Square; or, upon request, pick up and drop off at your hotel.
Dress Code: Casual; comfortable walking shoes; warmer clothes in early spring; wide-brim hat; back pack; perhaps a walking stick; sunblock
Including: Transportation to and from Heraklion; full services of an officially qualified tourist guide; entrance fee to the gorge(s); boat ticket (from Ayia Roumeli to Chora Sfakion: there are no roads at the end of the gorge); bottled water
Food: No
Walking difficulty: Participants should be physically fit for a downhill 16km hike of approximately 5-6 hours
Rest rooms/WC: Yes

The Gorge of Samaria is the longest and most spectacular in Europe. Next to Knossos, it is the second most visited tourist attraction on the island. Located in the White Mountains of western Crete, Samaria has been a national park since 1962 and is home to hundreds of species of protected fauna and flora (70 endemic to the gorge). The Council of Europe has awarded Samaria the First Order European Diploma of Protection of the Natural Environment of Nature many times. This 16km trek is the ultimate hiking experience on Crete.


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